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icon Qcon Pro

6 230 kr

Qcon Pro

8 touch-sensitive motorized channel faders

12-segment LED channels level metering

1 touch-sensitive motorized fader for master channel

8 x dual function encoder knobs (Enter & rotate)

11-segment LED surrounding the encoders to indicate the rotating position.

Large backlit LCD to display channel name, control values etc. for each channel

12-segment LED display showing time location of your project in either SMPTE or BBT format.

18 assignable buttons

Jog wheel shuttle for fast search and control

Illuminated buttons for each channel including Rec-enable, Solo, Mute, Select and Monitor

6 illuminated transport buttons including Play, Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast forward and Loop

Illuminated zoom key with 4 direction keys

9 illuminated assignable MIDI function buttons

Expandable to 32-channels control surface with 3units of Qcon EX.

Expansion slot for ICONs Umix series USB audio interface card

User A & User B RCA connectors for connecting with pedals

Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit & 64-bit) and Mac OS X (IntelMac)

USB 2.0 high speed connectivity

Mackie control build-in for Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic Pro and Abelton Live.

Mackie HUI protocol build-in for Pro Tool.

User self-define mode (MIDI Learn) for other DAW such as Sonar.

Firmware upgrade available simply via USB connection and iMap software.

Template labels are included for difference popular DAW such as Cubase, Nuendo, Samplitude, Logic Pro and Abelton Live .

Robust aluminum and metal casing with Kensington lock port.

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