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Ferrofish A16 MK-II

10 690 kr

16-kanals AD/DA-omvandlare med både ADAT och MADI-anslutningar.

The Ferrofish A16 MkII is a quality, feature rich 2 x 16 channel AD/DA converter that is designed to offer any professional robust and uncompromised performance in the studio or live.

Besides improving the excellent audio performance of the A16 ultra even more we also added some exciting features. For example, the two TFT displays make configuration and control a breeze, and with the new MADI interface its easy to attach it to your other professional equipment.

analog interface

16 x in, 16 x out, balanced phone plugs

24 bit AKM converters, 32kHz 192kHz

input-gain and output-levels individually adjustable for each channel

digital interfaces

optical MADI interface (incl. MIDI over MADI)

two ADAT interfaces for 16 channels

system interfaces

BNC wordclock

MIDI connectors for remote


two TFT displays show the high resolution level meters of all inputs and outputs

preset management

keyboard lock

detailed status display for monitoring all inputs

graphical adjustment of levels and gains

routing Editor

SMUX control

32 bit high performance ARM(TM) processor

PC software

remote software for the A16 MK-II via MIDI or MADI (MIDI over MADI)

cascading of multiple A16 MK-II

easy channel assignment with the graphical routing software

adjustment of levels and gains with the mixer

own graphics can be stored to individually label your A16 MK-II


MADI is a very popular audio interface offering 64 channels at a maximum cable length of 2 kilometers!

Furthermore, it is also possible to lay the MADI cable in a socalled daisy chain. I.e. the device's output will be connected to the next device's input. Hence you can connect, for example, four A16 MK-II in a row in order to use the maximum number of 64 channels.

However, in case of higher frequencies the cable's bandwidth is not sufficient for the maximum number of channels. The following table gives an overview on the usable channels:

Frequency MADI Channels

32, 44.1, 48 kHz 64 (56)

88.2, 96 kHz 32 (28)

192 kHz 16 (14)

The older MADI specification used only 56 channels instead

of the 64 channels being used today, giving the advantage, that

a higher variation of the sampling rate was permissible


ADAT probably is the most widespread multichannel interface of all. Since an ADAT cable can transmit 8 channels only, the A16 MK-II features two pairs of interfaces.

Same as with MADI the number of available channels is only half or only a quarter in case of higher frequencies:

Frequency ADAT Channels

32, 44.1, 48 kHz 2*8

88.2, 96 kHz 2*4

192 kHz 2*2

If, in case of higher frequencies, you connect the ADAT lines to the analog outputs, the first 8 (or 4) outputs will be used only. The remaining outputs will repeat the signal of the first 8 (or 4) outputs.

Only the first 8 (or 4) channels will be used as analog inputs in this case.

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