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Fredenstein F200

8 415 kr

The F200 is a two channel microphone preamplifier and a two channel FET compressor with Stereo link capability. The mic-pre and compressor are connected in series. The output mixer allows the user to select only the mic-pre or the compressor. In addition, a wet/dry (compressed/uncompressed) mix can be performed. The mic-pre section features a switchable 20dB pad, a low-cut filter, phase reversal and P48 phantom power. The maximum gain of the mic-pre is +60 dB, the minimum gain with pad activated is 0 dB. In case the unit is used as a compressor only, the input is able to handle +20dB signals and is fully compatible with line level signals. At a mic-pre output level of greater than + 24dBu, a clip indicator will light up. The high impedance Direct Input (DI) is compatible with balanced and unbalanced signals. The compressor section features rotary controls for Attack Time, Release Time, and Compression Ratio, as well as a Stereo link switch. Either the compressor gainreduction or the output level can be displayed through the VU-Meter. All switches have dedicated LED indicators.


Frequency Response: 20 Hz 20,000 Hz, +/- 0.5dBMax.

Gain: + 60 dB

Make-up Gain: + 19 dB

Distortion: < 0.1%

Input Noise (Pre): < -129 dBInput

Impedance: > 4 KOhm

Max. Input Level: + 12 dBu

Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

Max. Output Level: + 26 dBu

High Pass Filter: 60 Hz (switchable)

Attack Time: 200 us to 50 ms

Release Time: 70ms to 2.4s

Compression Ratio: 2:1 to 20:1

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