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Warm Audio WA12 Mic Pre

4 700 kr

A lot of preamps on the market do a good job of raising the volume of mics and instruments. Unfortunately, many pres are doing only that, raising volume. The Super clean designs of today often leave the signal exiting the preamp sounding much the same as it did entering it.

I personally like to use preamps that make my signal sound different than it did entering the pre. I like preamps that shape my tone with warmth, character and vibe. If you are looking for a preamp to improve and shape your signal you will most definitely love the WA12. The WA12 is designed to transform plain instruments and vocals into exciting tone. If your mixes lack depth, struggle to sound alive, or are just missing that professional touch youve always wanted, there is a good chance you will love the WA12.

When developing the WA12 our ears played a big part in the design process. I encourage you to listen to the sound samples with your ears and see what you think. People all over the world are loving it, and we are confident you will too.

The WA12 challenges the $1,000 glass ceiling theory, many are enjoying it above $1k-$2k designs.

The WA12 uses CUSTOM DESIGNED Cinemag input and output transformers MADE IN THE USA! *Cinemag transformers are used in high-end products like the Presonus ADL-700, A-Designs Pacifica, Universal Audio LA-610, and Fink Audios CS2-FA.


- 71db of Gain.

- CUSTOM DESIGNED Cinemag input and output transformers MADE IN THE USA!

- TONE button switches the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms. Changes the tone of both the mic and HI-Z inputs.

- Fully Discrete.

- High voltage 1731 style operational amplifier.

- 48 volt Phantom Power.

- Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4/TRS.

- Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4/TRS.

- 2 Meg Ohm True HI-Z input on front panel. Sends instrument signal through entire circuit including both Cinemag Transformers and the discrete operational amplifier. Great for guitars, bass, keyboards and other instruments that have a 1/4 output jack.

- -20db pad.

- External power plug for low noise.

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