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Pearl TL 44

21 750 kr

Dubbla rektangulära membran med separata utgångar för att kunna skapa olika upptagningskarakteristik

Pearl legendary rectangular capsule serves several purposes in TL 44. First of all, the capsules are mounted back-to-back and the XLR connextor is 5-pin with two discrete output channels.

Connect the two outputs to two mixer channels or two inputs on your soundcard. When recording a mono sound, such as vocals or a small acoustic instrument, direct one capsule to the sound source. By configuring your mixer/DAW accordingly, you can obtain cardioid, omni or figure-of-eight pattern characteristics, all continuously variable. And even during mixdown, after recording.

You can also position the TL 44 with its capsules angled 90 degrees from a stereo sound source and obtain a 180 degrees XY stereo image. Add to this a very flat frequency response with a neutral low end, and it's easy to see why the TL 44 is an ideal microphone for recording anything from a vocalist to a church organ.

The TL 44 is finished in black ED lacquer with an illuminating LED confirming 48v phantom power.

Package includes

Wooden box

Microphone shockmount 1930

Individual frequency graph

Cable is not included.


Polar patternCardioid, omni, figure-of-eight (or anything in between) or 180° XY stereo

Sensitivity16 mV/Pa

Frequency response20Hz - 20kHz

Impedance100 ohms

Operating Voltage48 volts

Rec. load imp1 K ohms

Current consumption3.5 mA

Self noise14 dBA

Max SPL126 dB

Connector5-pin XLR

Dimensions145 x ø31 mm

Weight260 g

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