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Pearl BA 48uP/S

2 981 kr

Separat fantommatningsenhet som drivs med 9V batteri eller extern nätdel (medföljer inte).

Driver en stereomikrofon (5-pin XLR in och 2st 3-pin XLR ut).

There are situations when you have all you need except for power for your condenser microphones. Several compact PA systems, video cameras and portable recorders miss this feature. But you still want to use your favourite microphones, right?

The BA 48uP range comes in three versions:

BA 48uP/M for one mic = 3-pin XLR in, 3-pin XLR out

BA 48uP/2 for two mics = 2 x 3-pin XLR in, 2 x 3-pin XLR out

BA 48uP/S for one stereo mic = 5-pin XLR in, 2 x 3-pin XLR out

All three models are identical in terms of design and functionality. The sturdy box containing the 9V battery has an on/off switch for phantom power. A green LED blinks slowly when battery condition is good and fast when power is low. The BA 48uP can also be powered by an 8-24VDC mains adapter (not included).

The PSU body is made from aluminium and crackle finished in black. Cables to the XLR connectors are 50 cm (20 inches).


Input voltage 8-24 VDC

Output voltage 48V ±12V

Noise > -105dBu

Out current > 5 mA

Idle current < 12 mA @ 9V

Ext. DC in polatiry Any

Phantom resistors 6 KB

Dimensions 120 x 55 x 35 mm

Weight 350 g

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