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Slut i lager.

6-kanalig rackmonterad hörlursförstärkare som klarar hörlurar ända ner till 8 Ohm !

Perhaps the most high powered and reliable headphone amp available. There are two separate main stereo inputs on ¼" jacks, plus a stereo Auxiliary input feeding stations 1 and 2 (or any combination of all six by simple internal re-wiring). This Auxiliary signal is added to the main inputs, and can be used for click tracks, talkback from the control room for more effective communication between the engineer/producer and musicians, rehearsing to a tape/CD/minidisc, etc. A two-colour led is fitted to each of the three inputs, showing green for signal present, and red when approaching input overload. The Main Input 2 also has bass and treble boost and cut. Each of the 6 headphone outputs has its own volume control, an input 1 or 2 selector button, and a mono switch sums the left and right signals. The rear panel has duplicate input sockets for easy rackmounting. Very solid all-steel construction, and volume is more than ample with headphones ranging from 8 to 2,000 ohms.


A,B & Aux Input Imp: 20Kohms unbalanced stereo

A,B & Aux input sensitivity: 0.25 volts nominal

Max Output: 2v, 500mW into 8 ohms - 4.7v, 35mW into 600 ohms - 4.8v, 10mW into 2,000 ohms

High / Low e.q: 10kHz / 100Hz ± 13dB.

System Gain: 28dB, e.q. flat.

Hum & Noise: -85dB unweighted.

T.H.D.: 0.07% @ 1KHz

Freq. Response: 10Hz-20kHz ± 3dB

Max Consumption: 100mA

Dimensions: 44x483x205 mm

Weight: 4 Kilos

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