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Native Instruments Komplete 12 Select

2 095 kr

1 995 kr

Komplete 12 Select är en riktigt bra ingångsversion som ger proffsigt ljud, med 14 kvalitetsinstrument och -effekter, bl a Massive, Monark och Drumlab + tre expansioner. Mer än 7000 ljud och över 45GB av instrument och effekter.

Jämförelse mellan de olika Komplete-versionerna:


From cutting edge synths to studio-quality effects, KOMPLETE 12 SELECT is the perfect introduction to pro-grade sound for production or performance. This collection contains 14 premium instruments and effects - including MASSIVE, MONARK, and DRUMLAB - plus three Expansions.

•     The essential collection: 17 products, more !han 7,000 sounds, and over 45 GB of instruments and effects
•     Save over 80% of the combined cost of all included products
•     Save $199 on a future upgrade lo KOMPLETE 12 or KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE
•     lncludes MASSIVE-a genre-defining wavetable synth with a colossal sound
•    MONARK-an uncompromising recreation of the holy grail of analog monosynths
•     DRUMLAR -a sonic laboratory for layering acoustic and electronic drums
•     Eight sampled instruments powered by KONTAKT 6 PLAYER -from the classic upright piano tones of THE GENTLEMAN lo the authentic percussive and melodic instruments of DISCOVERY SERIES: WEST AFRICA, and the new sampled / synthesized hybrid sounds of ETHEREAL EARTH
•     Three effects -REPLIKA for pro-grade delay; PHASIS for classic phasing sounds with a twist; and SOLID BUS COMP for adding power and punch lo !racks, buses, or a full mix.
•     Now includes SCARBEE RICKENBACKER BASS-an expertly played and sampled Rickenbacker® 4003 bass guitar
•     Easy installation from one pen drive
•     Easy setup, activation, and updating via Native Access
•     Optimized for use with KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard
•     Seamless integration with MASCHINE software and hardware
•     Works with any DAW
•     Register your product and receive a $25 e-voucher lo spend al the NI Online Shop

KOMPLETE 12 SELECT includes three hand-picked Expansions -genre-specific sound packs loaded with synth presets, drum kits, one-shots, samples, and loops. Created by top artists and sound designers, Expansions can be used in any DAW and work with a range of Native Instruments products, including MASSIVE, BATTERY 4, and MONARK.

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