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Pearl DS 70

49 750 kr

Nytt 4-kanals flaggskepp från Pearl!

The new PML DS 70 is a four channel multi pattern stereophonic microphone. It features Pearls legendary rectangular membrane capsules, optimized internal wiring and body as well as several innovations which will facilitate the use on on-site or studio recording and create a superior sound quality.

For almost twenty years, the Pearl DS 60 with its quad channel capabilities has been one of the worlds most coveted microphones. In 2012, the DS 60 was awarded Editors Choice by the German audio publication Professional Audio Magazin.

Pearl Microphones, one of the worlds leading microphone manufacturers, has now developed a new quad channel, multi- purpose microphone, the DS 70. The DS 70 features two dual membrane capsules allowing users to pick up and record in M-S, X/Y, Blumlein, Surround, Omni, Cardiod, Figure eight and other patterns. The four channels are connected to the console or DAW discretely, allowing the sound engineer to delay the final decision on patterns and room ambience to the post production phase.

In the DS 70, the fixture of the capsules is new, allowing a larger, more homogeneous aperture which minimizes internal reflections. It also provides a stable arrangement of the capsule reducing susceptibility to vibrations and creating an optimized phase accuracy between the two capsules.

DS 70 has, compared with its predecessor, an improved indication system allowing an immediate assignment of each capsule membrane to the respective output cable.

The DS 70 is fitted with the legendary Pearl 2800 capsules with rectangular membrane technology. Furthermore, for its internal wiring, the DS 70 features highly sophisticated wires from specialized Swiss wire and cable manufacturer Vovox.

The DS 70 has been designed to meet the highest demands by sound professionals and will be a valuable tool for anyone recording on-site. For small groups of instruments, vocals, organs or as a surround microphone, this microphone excels not only by being extremely user friendly but also with a sound quality based on Pearls legendary 2800 capsule.

Package includes

The DS 70 is delivered in an aluminium flight case, with a 10 metre 8 core cable and a four way splitter termination box for 4 x 3-pin XLR s to the console or sound interface and a Rycote elastic suspension.

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