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Pearl ELM-B

22 250 kr

Mikrofon med Pearls extra långa, rektangulära membran, med 8-upptagning.

Line source loudspeakers are well known in professional audio: they give a good horizontal spread have a narrower vertical pattern. The Pearl linear microphone capsule has similar properties, though these are not its only advantage.

In practice, the ELM series is ideal when you want to record a wide field of sound but keep resonances from floor and ceiling to a minimum. Or alternatively, you can turn the microphone 90 degrees and cut out a vertical portion of sound, e.g. recording one musician but not the surrounding ones.

Pearl ELM-B can be used MS stereo setup (in conjunction with a cardioid microphone) or when used in a pair to create a Blumlein stereo set up.

The ELM-B is finished in piano black ED lacquer with a red logo, ring and engraved model number.

Package includes

Wooden box

Microphone shockmount 1930

Individual frequency graph


Polar patternFigure-of-eight


Frequency response20Hz - 25kHz

Impedance100 ohms

Operating Voltage48 volts

Rec. load imp1k ohms

Current consumption2.7 mA

Self noise12 dBA

Max SPL126 dB

Connector3-pin XLR

Dimensions192 x ø32 mm/28mm

Weight305 g

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