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Pearl ELM-C

19 750 kr

Kardioidmodell av Pearl ELM, med det extra långa, rektangulära membranet.

Conventional microphone capsules are round. It's an easy shape to produce but it has one significant disadvantage a primary resonance frequency. That's why so many microphones have unnatural boost in the 5-10 kHz region. Pearl's rectangular capsule has almost no resonances at all, a fact that pleases many audio engineers.

Pearl has made rectangular capsules for many years now, but never before with such an extreme (7:1) length/width ratio. The resulting polar pattern is that of a cardioid in the horizontal plane while it vastly reduces high frequencies in the vertical axis. This is very useful when isolating a sound source from, say, floor and ceiling reflections.

Pearl ELM-C can be used MS stereo setup (in conjunction with a figure-of-eight microphone, such as the Pearl ELM-B) or when used in a pair for XY stereo use.

The ELM-C is finished in piano black ED lacquer with a yellow logo, ring and engraved model number.

Package includes

Wooden box

Microphone shockmount 1930

Individual frequency graph


Polar patternCardioid


Frequency response20Hz - 25kHz

Impedance100 ohms

Operating Voltage48 volts

Rec. load imp1k ohms

Current consumption2.7 mA

Self noise10 dBA

Max SPL126 dB

Connector3-pin XLR

Dimensions192 x ø32 mm/28mm

Weight305 g

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