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Fredenstein F609

6 385 kr

Preamp för modulrack.

The F609 is a professional tube microphone preamplifier, using two double-triodes, one ECC802S and one ECC803S, in a single 500 series rack module. It provides an +160V power-supply to avoid starving the tubes. The F609 uses high quality American made input and output transformers.

Additional features are: 20db Pad, polarity control, phantom power, a two stage low-cut filter, and a standby mode to preserve the tubes if not in use.

The sound is very smooth with a big, but well defined, low-end. The output level control allows to change the characteristic of the amp and to run the first stages all the way up to distortion.

As all Fredenstein products, the F609 is designed by a German-American team and manufactured in Taiwan.


Frequency Response : 20 Hz 20,000 Hz, +/- 1dB

Distortion : < 0.1%

Input Noise : < -127 dB

Input Impedance : > 1200 Ohms

Max. Input Level : + 12 dBu

Output Impedance : 200 Ohms

Max. Output Level : + 26 dBu

Clip Indicator : + 24 dBu

Input Attenuator PAD: - 20 dB

High Pass Filter : 50 Hz or 100Hz (switchable)

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