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Steinberg Wavelab Pro 10

5 343 kr

Wavelab Pro 10 - Audio Editing and Mastering Suite


Audio mastering is a specialized art and, for nearly 25 years, WaveLab has been the expert solution for realizing the true art of mastering. WaveLab 10 takes this to another level, with a range of new and updated features that bring even better workflows to mastering professionals. Video playback support, extended external effects support, enhanced undo/redo history, multitrack recording, updated Audio Montage with inspector, inline editing reference track and a major track list overhaul, plus live input stream recording and other enhancements make WaveLab an even more essential tool for mastering studios, producers, sound designers, musicians, broadcasters, archivists and many more.

Some new features:

• Video playback support to arrange, edit and process the audio of a video file in synchronization with the visuals.
• Extended external effects support for integrating external effect devices into the WaveLab signal flow via external FX buses.
• Reference Track for adding a reference audio file to the Audio Montage, allowing switching between it and the audio files being worked on.
• External editor support for integrating other audio editors into the WaveLab workflow, allowing clips to be modified in those applications from within the WaveLab session.
• Undo/Redo History is a completely new undo/redo edit history system, also now available for the first time in the Audio Editor workspace.
• Multitrack recording in the Audio Montage.
• Audio Montage Inspector and track list overhaul which delivers user interface improvements in the Audio Montage window, with dedicated controls for audio, reference and video tracks.
• Audio Montage Inline Editing allows complete clips to be opened from within the Audio Montage and non-destructively edited in the Waveform Editor or Spectrum Editor.
• Live input stream recording which lets as many audio streams as the input device/system can handle be recorded/rendered through the Master section and inserted plug-in chain.
• Further improvements including an enhanced audio settings dialog; Marker list and CD list follow playback indicator; import markers from XML files (Pro only); more effects and playback processing in the Master section (Pro only); performance monitor; CD album display in the CD Tool window; real-time rendering with audition; improved thirdparty VST plug-in support; improved playback and more

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