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Antelope Audio Orion 32+

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Connects seamlessly with any DAW on PC or MAC. Orion32+ | Gen 3 supports low latency recording & playback of up to 64 simultaneous 24/192 audio channels via Thunderbolt™ and up to 32 channels over USB. The sleek single rack space unit features 8x DB25 connectors for Analog I/O. Digital connections are 1x MADI, 2x ADAT, and 1x S/PDIF.


Ready? Set? Get rocking! Orion32+ | Gen 3 includes six premier essential audio effects from the Antelope library, which run in real-time on an ultra-fast FPGA platform. Covering a wide variety of tracking and mixing uses, each effect boasts mastering grade precision and clarity – from the Clear Q linear EQ to the spacious and advanced AuraVerb. These six tools alone cover all your essential mixing and mastering needs.


Antelope Audio is known over the world as the premier audio clocking experts. This legend lives on thanks to our next-generation 64- bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology & jitter management algorithm. A pair of Word Clock outputs turn the Orion32+ | Gen 3 into a world-class Master Clock for your entire studio, while a 10MHz input allows for use with the best possible stability using Antelope’s legendary 10M & 10MX Atomic Clocks.

With it’s brand-new AD/DA converters achieving up to 129dB dynamic range (Monitor Outs), Orion32+ | Gen 3 continues our reputation for pristine conversion quality. Hear the true sound of your music with both digital clarity and analog warmth.


Orion32+ | Gen3 delivers true sub-millisecond round-trip latency for both AD and DA conversion.  We proudly present the following stellar measurements, using our proprietary Windows Thunderbolt™ driver ver. tested using the Oblique Audio RTL Utility.

Stable playback & recording were achieved at these measured settings, in PreSonus Studio One 4, on an Intel Core i7-8700K CPU.  But, let the figures speak for themselves.

* Considering AD/DA conversion’s inherent latency and the technical state-of-the-art in the pro audio industry, it is currently impossible to achieve sub-millisecond latency under each and every recording & playback scenario. Fortunately, the latency achieved in the measurements provided is low enough to be practically imperceptible.

** To achieve stable playback on macOS we used bigger buffers (e.g. 96 samples at 192kHz), resulting in slightly higher latency – around 0.5ms more than on Windows at 192kHz.

Line Out <-> Line In

  • 192kHz, 64 samples, 0.904ms
  • 96kHz, 32 samples, 0.973ms
  • 48kHz, 16 samples, 1.168ms

Monitor <-> Line In

  • 192kHz, 64 samples, 1.155ms
  • 96kHz, 32 samples, 1.476ms
  • 48kHz, 16 samples, 2.165ms


Orion 32+ | Gen 3 offers powerful flexibility for easy workflow integration.  A color-coded software routing matrix with four separate mixers, effects chaining, and zero latency monitoring capabilities.  (color changed users will appreciate that all selections are viewable in the center of the routing matrix when hovering over a connection).  The routing matrix, mixers, and control panel all reside inside an easy to use application for both macOS and Windows.

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