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MOTU 828x

Slut i lager.

Thunderbolt och USB2-ljudkort med DSP-mixer och -effekter inbyggt.

Thunderbolt technology

The future of connectivity

Thunderbolt fulfills the promise of a truly state-of-the-art connectivity standard for personal computers. With massive bandwidth, Thunderbolt allows you to connect displays, hard drives, and other peripherals to your computer, along with the 828x, up to six devices total (with the 828x at the end of the chain), and the Thunderbolt bus won't even break a sweat. Thunderbolt combines plug-and-play convenience with massive bandwidth and low latency for truly professional audio interface performance.

Hi-speed USB 2.0

Mac, PC, and USB 3.0 compatible

As Thunderbolt becomes more widely adopted, Hi-speed USB 2.0 provides across-the-board compatibility with virtually all laptops and desktops on both Mac and Windows. Since USB 2.0 devices are compatible with USB 3.0-equipped hosts, your 828x interface is a future-proof investment in your studio.

28 inputs and 30 outputs

How can one audio interface offer this much I/O?

We pack it in, like no one else can: two combo-style mic/guitar inputs with preamps, 8 balanced analog in/out, XLR main outs, 16 channels of ADAT optical (8 channels at 96 kHz), plus S/PDIF, word clock and MIDI. Connect all of your studio gear, including microphones, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines and even effects processors.

Recording up to 192 kHz

Audio quality without compromise

Now in its fifth generation, the 828 has become a benchmark for the industry, setting the bar by which others are judged. How has this level of respect been earned? Through consistent design integrity and intelligent use of current-generation parts and design technologies.

Studio-grade mic channels

Enjoy extras like sends and optional hardware limiting

Do you work with outboard EQs and compressors? Each 828x mic input offers a pre-converter send for mono or stereo mic channel outboard processing. The 828x's unique V-Limit hardware limiter employs a proprietary design to offer an additional 12 dB of headroom over digital zero with no digital clipping or harsh artifacts, for that added protection in dynamic recording situations. The 828x's preamps are clean and neutral, allowing you to use your favorite plug-ins and host software to color the sound just the way you want for each recording application.

On-board digital mixer with effects

Mixing and effects for monitoring and live mixing

Record, monitor, route and process all live inputs using the professional on-board CueMix FX digital mixer with no latency and no processor strain on your computer. Apply DSP-driven compression, EQ and reverb to every input and output, independent of your host computer.

Stand-alone operation as a mixer

Go instantly from studio to stage

After programming the on-board mixing in the studio, unplug the 828x from the computer and take it on the road for operation as a stand-alone mixer with effects. All mixing and effects parameters are adjustable using the front panel backlit LCD.

Solid metal chassis

MOTU interfaces are built to last, and last, and last

We still get calls and Facebook posts from happy users of the original 828, introduced more than 10 years ago! Like all MOTU interfaces, the 828x's aluminum alloy chassis is lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy and durable, and designed to withstand the rigors of the studio, stage, and road. In a world awash with cheap plastic, the cool feeling of the 828x's metal exterior in your hands is a reassuring reminder that you are holding quality engineering and construction.

Support for Mac OS X and Windows

Run all your favorite audio apps

The 828x provides time-tested drivers for Mac OS X and Windows (8, 7 and Vista) for cross-platform compatibility with virtually all audio software via WDM, ASIO, and Core Audio drivers.

Technicial Specifications


Sample rates44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

Analog inputs2 x XLR/TRS combo-style mic/guitar inputs

8 x 1/4" TRS line inputs (balanced/unbalanced)

Analog outputs2 x XLR balanced main out

8 x 1/4" balanced TRS line out

2 x 1/4" TRS stereo headphone

Digital I/O16 channels of ADAT optical at 1x sample rates

8 channels of SMUX optical at 2x sample rates

2-channel TOSlink (optical S/PDIF) up to 96 kHz

2-channel RCA S/PDIF up to 96 kHz

Total I/O28 inputs and 30 outputs at 1x sample rates

20 inputs and 22 outputs at 2x sample rates

10 inputs and 10 outputs at 4x sample rates

Computer I/O1 x Thunderbolt (compatible with 1 and 2)

1 x USB 2.0 (compatible with 3.0)

Sync I/O1 x SMPTE time code in (LTC)

1 x SMPTE time code out (LTC)

1 x word clock in

1 x word clock out

Headphone output1 x 1/4" TRS stereo phone (assignable)

1 x 1/4" TRS stereo phone (mirrors main outs)

Phantom power2 x individual +48V

Front panel2 x XLR/TRS combo mic/guitar in

2 x 1/4" TRS phone

2 x digital rotary encoders phone/main volume

2 x digital rotary encoders mic trim

4 x switches Pad and 48V Phantom

4 x digital rotary encoders for LCD control

2 x 16 character LCD

8 x 4-segment ladder LEDs 1/4-inch analog in

8 x activity LED 1/4-inch analog out

2 x 4-segment ladder LEDs RCA S/PDIF in

2 x activity LED RCA S/PDIF out

2 x 10-segment LEDs mic in with V-Limit

2 x 5-segment ladder LEDs main outs

6 x LED sample rate indicator

1 x LED LOCK/TACH indicator

2 x activity LEDs optical bank A/B

1 x activity LED MIDI in/out

1 x AC power switch

PowerInternational 100-240V autoswitching supply

50-60 Hz 20 Watts

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