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OLLO Audio S5X

4 690 kr

Reference class, open back, dynamic headphones with flat frequency response for binaural/immersive mixing made in the EU.


  • Hand picked and left / right matched transducers delivering accuracy and instrument separation. (+/-1dB SPL tolerance, pink noise, range 100Hz-10kHz in free field*)
  • 50 mm, PET 25u membrane, 2 layered coil, 50 ohms,
  • Dynamic Neodymium speaker with 108dBSPL @ 0 dBu RMS 1KHz 30ohm output that makes them work with smart devices too.
  • Replaceable using home tools.


  • Replaceable earpads with outer diameter of 95 mm(3.75inch), inner diameter of 57.5mm(2.25inch) and depth of 20mm(0.8inch), +/-2.55mm.
  • Perforated hybrid artificial leather and velour earpads to control flow resistance around the earpads seal resulting in smoother response through all frequency bands and improved heat dispersion.
  • 1kHz @ 85dBSPL sweep THD < 0.074%, Variation in frequency response in band from 20Hz to 20kHz ~12 dB SPL* pink noise.
  • Front to back air pressure equalization controlled with Saati flow resistor 3.2Ohms(²)/1cm²
  • Ex-centric and angled speaker in a conical radiation chassis with optimal sound stage for the spatialization of objects in binaural renderer
  • Frequency response tuned for translation of immersive mix between binaural and speaker setup


  • Artificial leather strap
  • Clamping force set for target frequency response on industry standard bitragional diameter of 14.3cm (KEMAR)
  • Stainless spring steel with powder coating
  • 360 earcups rotation with sliders for head size adjustements
  • Strap and steel headband are replaceable using home tools


  • Detachable braided silicone cable employing OFC core to ensure minimal signal distortion.
  • Color labeled L and R jacks (Left is Black)
  • Ball-locking mechanics on the embedded 2.5mm jack plugs
  • Screw on adapter from 3.5mm to 6.3mm jacks (1/8 to 1/4 inch)

5 years limited warranty (Earpads and cable are excluded due to the nature of exposure)

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