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Triton Audio FetHead Broadcast

1 750 kr

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FetHead Broadcast is an in-line microphone preamp specially designed for operating in challenging Live environments.

FetHead Broadcast was developed in conjunction with Dutch Broadcasting and facility service company CineVideoGroup. it is Based on technology used in our product FetHead and is fitted with a high quality jfet preamp, followed by a low impedance output buffer to enable output drive to long cables (up to 3kM).

FetHead Broadcast offers 25dB's of low noise, high quality amplification which can be applied to either dynamic or condenser microphones as phantom power is transferred to the microphone. In Broadcast or live performance situations, a microphone signal often travels through long cables before reaching the mixing desk. When small microphone signals travel adjacent to power lines or dimmed light cables, audible signal interference is likely to be induced into the microphone cable which often results in a polluted signal. FetHead broadcast amplifies the microphone signal before the cable and greatly improves the signal to noise ratio offering a much higher quality signal to the mixing desk.

Because its phantom powered no mains supply or batteries which could stop working during "on air" time / operation are required.


Low noise Class A JFet amplifier

Rugged enclosure

25dB amplification

Internal supply power filtering

Low impedance output buffer

High voltage protection

Reverse polarity protection

For all types of microphones

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