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Fredenstein F602

10 435 kr

Kompressor för modulrack.

The F602 Compressor is a true variable transconductance (often falsely called variable mu) high performance tool for professional recording and mastering engineers. The F602 features the original remote cutoff double triode tube used in many vintage designs (Gates, Fairchild, and GE to name a few) called 6386LGP. The signal path is very short and delivers the smoothness you would expect from a great piece of vintage equipment. The innovative transformer-less input circuit yields clarity while the Lundahl output transformer adds character. The extreme low output impedance with its high current design allows even the most difficult and complex loads to be driven without sonic impact. A wet (compressed) and try (uncompressed) mixer further enhances the flexibility of the F602 Tube Compressor. In addition a true hard bypass, which also works, if the unit is powered down, was implemented as well as a standby switch allowing to shutdown the tube circuitry if the F602 is not in use while the rack is still powered, therefore extending the tube life cycle.

Up to ten units can be linked together to form a true multichannel compressor. The engineer can easily change the compression characteristics by tuning threshold, ratio, attack and release times as well as selecting an automatic release mode, which adjusts the release time dynamically according to the source material and input level. The main compression behavior can be switched between hard- and soft-knee. Up to 20dB of make-up gain is provided to compensate for the gain reduction.

Due to the high powerconsumption of about 8W, not all lunch-boxes and racks are suitable for this module. Of course, Fredenstein boxes and racks are well equipped to handle these loads. As all Fredenstein products, the F602 is designed by a German-American team and manufactured in Taiwan.

Reference Level : 0 db = +4 dBu

(American Studio Standard)

Make-up Gain : 0 to +20 dB

Threshold : -25 dB to +9 d

Attack Time Range : 250 us to 15.5 ms

Release Time Range : 12 ms to 5 s

Compressions Ratio : 2:1 to 20:1

Frequency Response : 20Hz 20,000Hz, +/- 1dB

Distortion : < 0.01%

S/N Ratio : > 90dB at 0dB gain

Input Impedance : > 10KOhm

Max. Input Level : + 24 dBu

Output Impedance : 20 Ohm

Max. Output Current : +/- 200 mA

Max. Output Level : + 26 dBu

Power Consumption : +16 V +250 mA, -16V -200 mA

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