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Slut i lager.

2-kanalig hörlursförstärkare som hanterar hörlurar ända ner till 8 Ohms impedans !

Demoexemplar i mycket fint skick. Saknar originalkartong.


Derived from our HPA-6 model, this smaller stand-alone version has one stereo input and one Aux. input on ¼" jacks, a Loudness button, and two headphone outputs, each with a volume control and a mono button. It is mains powered, with a rear panel on/off switch and fuse.

Multiple units can be scattered around the studio, and the Aux. input allows the electronic musician to set his own level relative to the foldback. Also used by club DJs with mixers having an inadequate headphone amp.

Specifications are as the HPA-6 except the Loudness button, which gives 6dB boost at 160Hz and 10kHz. Weight: 2 kilos. Dimensions: 225mm wide, 162mm deep, 70mm high. As used by the BBC, Associated Press Television News, Television Systems Ltd (ITV Anglia, Tyne Tees, ITV West (Bristol), etc.

"If you only need 2 pairs (as I do) the MTR HPA-2 is a superb piece of gear - if you need more, they do a similar 6-way 1u rack box. This gear is bombproof and sounds great - and works with pretty much any headphones and you will get oodles (?) of level". Phil Leigh, SOS, 10.3.01


Stereo & Aux Input Imp: 20Kohms unbalanced stereo

Stereo & Aux input sensitivity: 0.25 volts nominal

Max Output: 2v, 500mW into 8 ohms - 4.7v, 35mW into 600 ohms - 4.8v, 10mW into 2,000 ohms

E.q: Loudness button gives 6dB boost at 160Hz and 10kHz.

System Gain: 28dB, e.q. flat.

Hum & Noise: -85dB unweighted.

T.H.D.: 0.07% @ 1KHz

Freq. Response: 10Hz-20kHz ± 3dB

Max Consumption: 100mA

Dimensions: 225*162*70 mm

Weight: 2 kg

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